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Now You Can Have Peace Of Mind With Our Guaranteed Lock Services

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Hi, if you’re looking for Excellent Locksmiths, lock repairs, lock changes or doors opened, then congratulations, you’ve come to the right place.


Our staff consists of experienced pest control experts that know their stuff and we only carry the best pest control products on the market that we have tested ourselves and given the stamp of approval.

Termite treatments/Preventitive


Pest Control

Whether you live in a house, rent at an apartment or own a business, you’re going to face problems with pests and insects. Trying to exterminate pests from your home can be a frustrating experience, let us kill whats bugging you.


Proper roach control requires professional grade roach killing products. The roach control products we carry are professional.

Mice & Rats

Rodents like mice and rats may look furry and cute, but they are a big problem when they decide to move in with you.


Ants will always originate from the exterior of a home so the first step to ant control is ensuring you have a protective barrier.


Termites can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, they are among the most destructive when it comes to where we live.

Wasps, Hornets & Bees

Stinging arthropods are always a concern for homeowners, whether they are simply flying around in your outside space.


With over 35,000 species known to us, there is a really good chance that at some time we will all encounter a spider control issue.

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks are miserable and annoying little blood-suckers. If you have a pet in the Houston area you will have fleas and ticks without some diligent effort and medicine for your pet to avoid them.


Mosquitoes affect the health of people and animals more than any other insect pest worldwide.

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