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Emergency Lock Out


Emergency Lock Out

Emergency lock out, it’s happened to all of us at some point. You close the door & forget the keys are not in your pocket, or you lose your keys. Whatever the reason, don’t worry because we have got you covered. Our mobile locksmith service has all the required equipment

What to do when you’re locked out!

Emergency Lock Out

Consider the following emergency lock out scenario:

Emergency lock out You’ve gone out for a fun night only to return home in the dark and you can’t find your house keys. What would you do? Option 1: Call a relative with a spare key to come and open the door? At 2am your won’t be welcomed! Option 2: Calling the police or waking up your neighbour(if they have a spare key? Well the police aren’t the right ones to assist you in that Scenario, and your neighbour won’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night. Option 3: Isn’t it better to call a professional (excellent locksmiths) who’ll have you inside within the hour?

Other possible emergency lock out scenarios include:

You put your key in the lock of your door, but it doesn’t work. Either the lock is damaged or the key has become too worn or bent. Or maybe the key breaks and gets stuck in the lock.
It’s even possible to find yourself locked IN the house, because someone has locked the deadbolts from the outside and you can’t find a spare key.
What you really need in these situations are the services of a reliable Mornington emergency locksmith. Did you know Excellent Locksmiths can attend to Emergency Lock outs 24/7? Excellent Locksmiths rapidly respond to your needs to get you back inside your home, business premises within an hour of your call.

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Excellent Locksmiths offer their emergency locksmith service to back into (or out if you’ve been locked in!) quickly, within 35kms of Mornington.

Excellent offer their ‘Emergency Locksmiths Mornington Peninsula’ service 24/365. They also are able to provide an onsite key-cutting service.

Of course Excellent Locksmiths also offer other locksmithing and security support. Including: professional advice on all your security requirements and fitting of locks and other security products.


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